Power Walking

Power Walking

Power Walking? Yes, Power Walking! It’s slower than jogging and faster than walking. With Power Walking you improve your condition, you burn extra calories and you train your muscles. A small walk is good for your health, decreases your levels of stress and clears your mind.

Nice and Needs to know:

  • During the Power Walking lessons outside we don’t start to fast. We walk slowly for a few minutes, then we walk a little faster for 10 till 20 minutes and we end with a cooling down.
  • During your walk you do a number of exercises, to loosen up your muscles. For example: Loosen up your arms, first one arm forward. Then change with your other arm and then both arms, one forward and the other arm backwards.
  • It’s important to focus on your breathing while you are walking.
  • Everyone can start with Power Walking, you can follow the lessons at your own pace. As the weeks pass, your condition improves and you can train heavier.
  • Recommended: comfortable (sport) clothes and shoes. There is a changing room downstairs at the HP high rise where you can change. 
  • The maximum number of participants is 15.

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