Dear Finance Colleague,

As you know, on Thursday 21 November 2019, you are all invited for our Wild Wild West Finance Party, which will be held at Barn47 in The Hague. A party to thank you for all your hard work, to celebrate our successes and a party simply to have fun together!


As the organising team of Finance colleagues we are looking forward to a fantastic evening. Enjoying drinks, delicious food, good entertainment and of course each other’s company:  

17:30 till 18:30 CET                Welcome!
17:30 till 20:00 CET                Tasting Dinner and Western tunes
18:30 till 18:45 CET                Raise our glasses
20:00 till 22:00 CET                Swinging Saloon, Games & Party
22:00 CET                              Goodbye

Wanted: most originally dressed man, woman ànd team

We challenge you, for those who want, to dress up for our Wild Wild West Finance Party. So start thinking about your costumes to make sure you will be ready for our saloon party. There are prizes for ‘The most originally dressed man’, ‘woman’ ànd ‘team’!

Parking and transport

Barn47 is well accessible by car, public transport and by bike, but to facilitate your travel, we will arrange busses from the office HP The Hague to Barn47 and from Barn47 to The Hague Central Station.

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